Mystic World Music



Mystic World Music: Our Mission

Mystic World Music, founded in 2008, is an organization dedicated to promoting greater understanding and appreciation of Eastern music and musical traditions around the world. To that end, Mystic World Music presents concerts, produces and distributes audio and video recordings, and hosts lectures, master classes, and workshops with the masters of Eastern music.

Music of all cultures is connected and interrelated. We see Eastern and Western musical traditions as equal siblings in the human cultural family, sharing a common ancestry that transcends the barriers of nationality and geography. Although not always acknowledged, the traditions of East and West have borrowed from and influenced each other throughout history, creating a traceable continuity in the evolution of world music.

Mystic World Music champions cultural integration. We nurture collaboration between Eastern and Western musicians to foster mutually beneficial partnerships and for the development of new forms and new audiences.

By furthering a deeper understanding of Eastern music and its historic roots in world culture, Mystic World Music hopes that Eastern music will come to be recognized and celebrated in the West for its essential contribution to our common cultural heritage.